OLC Course Evaluation







1. Would you recommend this course to other students?

2. How would you rate the overall quality of this course?

3. Overall, how would you rate the instructor?

4. How does the grade you expect in this course compare to other courses that you are taking this semester?

How would you rate your experience in this course on the following?


5. The organization and procedures of the course

6. Ability to explain the material clearly

7. Setting high expectations for you to learn

8. Covering material at a pace you can follow

9. Enthusiasm about teaching this course

10. Encouraging you to be an actively involved learner

11. Motivating you to do your best work

12. Asking questions that challenge you to think

13. Showing genuine interest in students

14. Respecting diverse talents and ways of learning

15. Promoting an atmosphere conducive to learning

16. Giving you prompt and frequent feedback

Course Elements

17. How would you rate the evaluations on accurately assessing what you learned in this course?

18. How would you rate the clarity of course objectives?

19. Did the class successfully meet these course objectives?

Student Development

20. Amount of effort you put into this course

21. Quality of your work

22. Being prepared before coming to class

23. Actively participating in class activities and discussion

Core Competencies

How would you rate the course on helping you to:

24. Competently and confidently read and analyze

25. Recognize and use effective written communication

26. Think critically and creatively

27. Apply the Lakota Perspective (Wolakota)

28. Apply mathematics to real world situations

Please type your opinions to the following questions:

29. What is the most valuable thing you learned in this class?

30. What could the instructor do to improve the course or his/her teaching effectiveness?

31. Does this evaluation form allow you an accurate critique of the course?

32. What is your class status?

33. How would you rate the difficulty of this course compared to other courses you have taken?

34. Lakota Language Usage - The instructor uses, or encourages student us of Lakota language in the classroom. The course syllabus and other course documents include Lakota language.

35. Lakota Perspective - The instructor practices Lakota protocol and/or encourages Wolakota in student interaction.

36. Lakota History - The instructor incorporates Lakota knowledge of historical events as well as current events that have an impact on tribal members and community.

37. Lakota Cultural Content - The instructor includes activities, assignments, readings, or learning outcomes which encourage or emphasize Lakota ideas, values, and beliefs.

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